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The history of The Campbell & Fetter Bank goes back to the days when Kendallville was first settled by William Mitchell, the leader of a band of pioneers who located here in 1836.

Mitchell journeyed here from Montgomery County, New York. By 1840, there was a population of about 40 people. The town consisted of a wagon shop, blacksmith shop and general store.

In 1849 William Mitchell made the first plat of the place and in the same year it was incorporated as a village. A post office was established in Mitchell's cabin. As a name had to be used in order to obtain this post office, it was decided to name the settlement Kendallville in honor of Amos Kendall, of Tennessee, who at the time was postmaster general under President VanBuren. Many people contended the settlement should have been named Mitchelltown or Mitchellville.

On January 6, 1858, William Mitchell and Henry Hitchcock began a private banking business in Kendallville which continued until December 31, 1861, at which time the firm dissolved. The business was resumed by William Mitchell & Son from January 1, 1862 to June 11, 1863. On the 12th day of June, 1863, the business was merged into the First National Bank of Kendallville with William Mitchell, President, and Charles Mitchell, his son, Cashier. William and Charles Mitchell acted as President and Cashier until their respective deaths in September, 1865 and September, 1866.

The Panic of 1893 brought the retirement of John Mitchell and the reorganization of the bank by Mitchell's grandson, Archy Campbell & his business partner Jacob C. Fetter. These two men had worked together in the dry good business. At its beginning on June 1, 1894, The Campbell & Fetter Bank took over from the First National Bank, deposits of $27,507 and resources of $135,351. The bank started with only two persons. One man acted as teller and the other man made the loans.

By 1916 the bank's capital had grown to $50,000. The bank was located at 132 S. Main Street, Kendallville - the north side of Fishers Department Store.

The Panic of 1893 must have made an impression on The Campbell & Fetter bankers because the private bank was in good financial shape when the Great Depression hit. The bank met every call of business and was among the first Indiana banks authorized to reopen for business.

Between 1938 and 1941 the bank moved to 212 South Main Street. The Noble County Bank originally was housed in this building until its demise. Brown Consulting Engineers and Fred Gage's office presently occupy this building.

In 1949 Campbell & Fetter Bank became one of the last private banks in the country to incorporate with 90 shareholders.

The bank coasted nicely along under the leadership of Archy Campbell's son - Don Campbell during the 1950s and 1960s. Don Campbell, great grandson of William Mitchell, died in 1962, thus ending the fourth generation identified with the building of The Campbell & Fetter Bank.

Following Don Campbell's death, Henry Feil, a long-time employee of the bank became president.

In 1963 the bank purchased the corner lot on William and Orchard Street to construct a new banking house. The building was to have 10 teller stations, a lobby of 1,325 square feet and total square footage of 10,600. There were to be two drive-up windows and parking facilities for 29 cars. The building permit issued by the State of Indiana indicates the improvements had a cost of $200,000. Total resources for the bank were about $10,000,000. In 1964 the bank moved to their new building. Mr. Feil retired in 1971.

Paul E. Catt, a Chicago banker was named President but remained with the bank only for a short time.

Robert Todd, another long-time employee of the bank, then followed in the line of leadership. Under Mr. Todd's direction, the North Branch was constructed and opened in January, 1974.

In 1976, William T. Doyle, former Chicago resident and owner of a chain of supermarkets purchased controlling interest in the Campbell & Fetter Bank and became Chairman of the Board.

Also in 1976, the bank purchased the Lyle Bailey property located just West of bank and demolished it to make room for three additional drive-up lanes.

Mr. Todd retired as President in 1978 and Mr. William Doyle succeeded him. Campbell & Fetter Bank continued to grow and in 1982 a branch bank was built in Ligonier for the benefit of customers in the western part of Noble County.

In 1984, Campbell & Fetter Bank purchased and merged with Albion National Bank. A new building was erected in the summer of 1984 south of the business district on Orange Street.

In October, 1985, Campbell & Fetter Bank opened a branch in Auburn. This was a temporary facility in a trailer. Grand opening in the new building was May, 1986.

In June 1987, the grand opening for the Warsaw Branch was held.

In 1988, Larry Doyle became president of Campbell & Fetter Bank.

In 1993, Mr. William Doyle retired.

In 1994, Larry Doyle became Chairman of the board.

In January 1996, the Angola Branch opened.

In January 2000, the Fort Wayne Branch opened a commercial lending office.


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