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If You Become a Victim...

If you become a victim of identity theft, the following tips are offered to help a person report and document the theft.

•Report the crime to police immediately.

•Contact the Cashier at Campbell & Fetter Bank for bank related issues.

•Notify each of your credit card issuers about the crime.

•Call the fraud units of the three major credit reporting agencies.

•Notify your gas, electric, water and trash utilities that you are the victim of identity theft,
-and alert them to the possibility that the thief may try to establish accounts using your
-identification information.

•If your Social Security number has become associated with dishonored checks and
-bad credit, it is possible in extreme cases, to obtain a new Social Security number.

•If you are a victim of identity theft because someone has stolen your mail or has filed a

- change of address request in your name, notify the Postal Inspector.

•Follow-up contacts with letters and keep copies of all correspondence.

•Check each credit report carefully when you receive it. Look for accounts that you
-have not applied for and for charges you have not authorized.

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Important Phone Numbers
Credit Reporting Bureaus


Report Fraud 800-525-6285

Order Credit Report 800-685-1111


Report Fraud 888-397-3742

Order Credit Report 888-397-3742


Report Fraud 800-680-7289
Order Credit Report

Social Security Administration
Report Fraud 800-269-0271

Federal Trade Commission
Report Fraud 877-438-4338

Internal Revenue Service
Report Fraud 800-829-0433

Reporting Fraudulent Check Use

Check Rite 800-766-2748

Chexsystems 800-428-9623

CrossCheck 707-586-0551

Equifax 800-437-5120

National Processing Co. 800-526-5380

TeleCheck 800-710-9898

Protect Your Personal Information
Criminals want your personal account information and social security number. They can make huge profits at your expense. Don't give them your information. Be suspicious of any electronic messages, phone calls or mail requests that ask for personal data. Find out more about phishing and other crimes at:



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